To stay or not to stay, the trusty PC Vs. The new Apple gadget??

by Eric Ebert on 2. June 2011 – 10:45

I know it’s an ongoing debate, and sometimes a very heated argument, about which is better, but I want both. I have my trusty PC at home and at work. I have my Apple I-pad and my Iphone, but why??

I, like many of you, was a little sceptical when the first generation I-pad came out. I had my laptop and my Iphone and the old desktop….What would I need an in-between tablet for? Surely an iphone would be enough for small on-the-go internet searches, and when the task is too big for the phone, I could always slip into a cozy corner at Starbucks and hack-away at the laptop. In the end though, also like most of you, curiosity got the better of me…and my money!

I love my Ipad, I can sit and read an e-book at the beach or quickly grab it to show my friends my latest vacation pictures.(the ones I didn’t put on Facebook) Its simple to grab, doesn’t take time to load, and its well organised. I could, from the first day I got it, use it like a pro! I move files around like WOPR in war games! (I may have just revealed a little too much about my age) Shortcuts and easily accessible tabs and drop-down menus make me feel as if I’m in control. But what about my PC?? A friend told me, ‘A PC is like a wife, sometimes a little boring, but always there and always ready to help out.’

I agree, but that’s also part of the problem.

Is there a chance for my wife to become my new fling?

You see, I grew up with a PC. We learned to talk together. We learned our likes and dislikes (Especially her dislikes!), But it takes a lot of time to learn to communicate. I’d tell her that I want to look for something and she would yell something at me about 404. I get it, she’s upset, but then we talk it through and it works out. My fling on the other hand, seems to be easy to talk to, but we don’t have a shared history. I’ve spent many hours with my PC and I don’t want to just throw it all away on a tablet that will want to be updated to a new version within a year!!

Is it possible that my wife could learn some new tricks from those younger girls?

That’s the question that we have been working on for awhile! And the answer is a definitive yes!

The program that is scheduled to be released soon is that quick new make-over before the big day or those 15lbs that your wife has been talking about losing for over a decade. This year, just in time for the beach, she’ll do it! I get my tablet feeling on my PC. Drop down menus and quick click posts. I post pictures to facebook in a flash. I search for information I need with just one click. No more foreplay, I just click and off we go! I’m falling in love with my PC all over again, and that’s a good thing, because I like talking to her, I just don’t like fighting with her.

I’ll let you know how we’re getting along in my next post, feel free to comment below!

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