The first look at for Mac

by Eric Ebert on 28. July 2011 – 07:09

Axonic is very happy to announce the first version of for Mac is now in Alpha Testing. I had assumed that it would be much later before it was ready, but our apple programmers (Like most apple enthusiasts) couldn’t wait that long. I’m very happy that our loyal mac users will now be able to experience the speed and life-changing function of Why should they have to click and click and click? We don’t think it’s fair either! So, here are a couple of (teaser) screenshots that I grabbed:



4 Responses to The first look at for Mac

  1. Laurens ten Hagen sagt:

    Hi Eric,

    I am a “heavy user” and big fan of Evernote and I am very interested in your Mac version.
    Can I be part of the Alpha test team?

    Good luck!


    • Eric Ebert sagt:

      Hello Laurens,
      I don’t deal with that part, but I checked with the powers that be and they assure me that they will get back to you (when everything works out the way its planned) by next week. Just write an email to: and let them know that you’re interested. Thanks for your interest in!!

  2. Pastor Wynn sagt:

    Please let me know when the Mac version is available. It would be a great addition to my Evernote.\


    • Eric Ebert sagt:

      No Problem Pastor Wynn, I’ll let you know. You could also be part of our testing team, just send an email to We should be ready for release in September! Thanks for your interest.