goes BOX crazy!

by Eric Ebert on 11. August 2011 – 10:17 is proud to announce the new BOX action is now available! We are very happy with the new friends we’ve met at BOX and look forward to great successes together. I personally would also like to welcome the users of BOX to, and encourage our loyal users to check out, if they haven’t yet.

You’ll find that it’s very easy for these two programs to work together. It’s a whole new life on your desktop! It’s a great match to add the overwhelmingly intuitive BOX program with our speedy little work optimizer. Sending a PDF to your BOXaccount? Select the PDF, CTRL + C to copy, click on the BOX icon with your mouse and automatically sends it to your account! Move all of your files with just one click. Do you only have five minutes left in the day, but want to keep working on that proposal at home? One click into your BOX account with, and you’re out the door!

Here is a quote from the BOX website:

“We want to reinvent what businesses can do with their content through Box’s cloud content management platform, made for a new kind of worker, a new kind of workplace and a new kind of IT.”

I think that says a lot, and we couldn’t have imagined a better fit for We are also interested in streamlining the information that users of need on a daily basis. Making information available faster is the goal of our two companies, and I think it will be a team to take note of!

From now on, with the partnership, you are only one click away from BOX!

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