and XING cross paths

by Eric Ebert on 8. August 2011 – 15:21 is very happy to announce a new cooperation with Xing! Now you can keep in touch with all of your business contacts with one click! Have you ever received an email from a new potential client and want to know more? Just highlight the name of his/her company and press Ctrl+C to copy,  select Xing from the menu and your done! If I want to see what those old classmates of mine are up to, I simply highlight their name from that email I still have from Christmas 2009 and Xing. (Huh, he started his own business. I better get my act together before the reunion)

The overall goal of making partnerships like this is to make it easier for you, the user, to get what you want, when you want it. If I want to find a guy that makes flugelbinders (Aka. an Aglet) in my area, now all I have to do is Xing.

While getting your professional career polished before the reunion may take sometime, at least your search for the competition doesn’t have to. Xing!

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