Instant webification with and Google

by Eric Ebert on 3. August 2011 – 09:37

Google announced yesterday that they have released Instant Pages. It works with google chrome to instantly add web pages that appear in the search query. The program is available for Web developers today, and should be released in a Chrome Beta version soon.

While search results usually only take 3-5 seconds to appear on a local machine, we think that it is a significant amount of time that can’t be ignored. After all, we deal with clicks. It may sound trivial for some people to save themselves 188 clicks per day or 3-5 seconds per search, but this is time that can really add up over a work year. We applaud any efforts to increase the speed of data movement. So, here’s to your efforts google. We’ll be watching! google just got a little bit faster, and we think that is something to celebrate!



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