Adds a New Feature for Programmers

by Eric Ebert on 26. August 2011 – 09:51 PastebinWe’ve teamed up with to help our heavy users (Aka my boss) gain access to the programs that they use most! Pastebin is an online location to store all of your program snippets and share them with other users, or keep them private for future reference.

Programmers and Hackers, as a mass generalization, are a pretty tight group. But they are (usually) willing to share there knowledge (and code) with each other. Pastebin makes this possible and accelerates the process, by eliminating the clicking frenzy.

Say that you’re a coder that has a great new command all written out that you want to share-One Pastebin and its there for the entire world to marvel at!  You’re a genius!  Or you have that friend that keeps sending emails asking for help on a piece of code that you’ve already done, cut him some slack with one click, and get him off you back. Then you can get back to your original plan of World Domination, or just the code you were working on….I don’t judge.

So, welcome heavy users of Pastebin to the efficient world of! I promise we won’t beg you for your codes.

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