and help you become a know-it-all

by Eric Ebert on 2. September 2011 – 09:54

Click.to_Twick.itThe idea behind is to help users find information in a condensed format. Think, Twitter and Wikipedia combined. entries are entered from a word or article into the 140 character twitter format.

What it means?

If I’m on a deadline for a technical report for school (don’t laugh, it wasn’t that long ago.) I can use to help analyze a lot of information in the shortest amount of time.   I have a few terms that I don’t have time to learn about, because the report is due in about 6 hours and its 2AM. (I know I’m not the only one) Technical words can be searched and understood with one click from Now all I have to do is add some fluff and double space to make it look longer and I’m done!

Adding words to is easy too. If you’re one of those overachievers that always has spare time, why not help out your fellow humans and add a few definitions. You can register on or post as an anonymous user. It doesn’t matter really, unless you’re one of those people that craves the attention of other users. The, “I know I’m smart, but want you to know that I’m smart” types. (Just FYI, I’ve been trying to get into this group of people for years) I guess I should have studied a little harder, but now that turns important information into bit sized pieces, maybe I still have a chance. I’ll be insuling other peoples intelligence in no time! Thanks to!

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