adds Toodledo to the Program

by Eric Ebert on 27. September 2011 – 09:11

ToodledoToodledo is a program that can integrate all of your little bits and snippets (or in my case, random thoughts) into one place, and remind you of what’s ahead and what’s important.

I know that the ability to organise your life is very important for a lot of people, and even fun for some. I am not in this category. I want quick access to what I need, and know when and where I need to be. I respect people that have put in the time to organise their lives in excel spreadsheet to-do lists and calendars with multiple colors. I have never had a strong enough will to do it myself (much to the annoyance of my Uber organised wife)

Now though, I can organise my life in a few clicks from Toodledo. Toodledo even has a function where you can plot to-dos onto Google Maps.  So when you get your “honey-do” list, you can point out to your wife, that the total round trip for all of your tasks would be equal to driving to her parents house two hours away.

She can choose which of those she would like you to do. Go to her parents’ house for the weekend visit, or get the list done. (I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have a little extra ammo in these situations, right guys?) So, let’s say she chooses the list; and you mercifully get to skip out of your weekly pilgrimage.

If you have the entire week to complete the list, Toodledo will help you prioritise. Organised by the things that need to be taken care of immediately and the ones that can wait. If you have an extra hour to kill, Toodledo will let you know what tasks can be accomplished. If you’re getting the oil changed on your car (and happen to be close to the school where you have to drop off some papers) If you have integrated Toodledo to your phone, it will actually ring an alarm to let you know that you’re close to a task!! How cool is that?!

So, help yourself with Toodledo. Just think, when your wife is on the phone explaining to her mother why you can’t make it this week, at least she can brag about all of the things you’ve accomplished! She found a good one, thanks to the organisational skills and speed of Toodledo!

4 Responses to adds Toodledo to the Program

  1. Saskia sagt:

    Thanks for adding this – in fact, Toodledo was the reason I’ve installed, and I’m glad I did! You’ve made a very useful app.

    However, I have had to edit the website call section for Toodledo to switch “[title]” & “[caption]” (so the end of the url now reads “&title=[Text]&note=[Caption]“) as I’d generally prefer the actual text I’ve selected to be the todo, whereas the text telling me where I’ve copied the text from only needs to be in the note (if at all). You might want to mention this on the page about customising the Toodledo entry ( as some users might not realise how easy this is to change. It may even be worth considering switching these two values by default as I suspect other users will feel the same way as me, but I could be wrong!

    • Eric Ebert sagt:

      Thanks Saskia,
      I really appreciate the feedback. I’ve sent it on to the ‘powers that be’ and will also add it to our Toodledo forum.
      I’m very happy that you find to be so useful and hope that you can use some of our other functions as well.
      If you have any other wishes, or problems….please don’t hesitate to let me know.
      Great post!

  2. Thierry sagt:

    On Mac the Toodledo is not existing, is it a miss or…

  3. Eric Ebert sagt:

    We didn’t forget about the awesome toodledo, It will be available in our next update which should be this week!