— The Little App That Could!

by Eric Ebert on 25. October 2011 – 07:42

I woke up this morning to a post in my Facebook news feed about I hadn’t posted anything, so I was a little curious. It was from the great folks at the Huffington Post, posted from our dear COO, Peter. I think April Rudin hit the nail on the head when she wrote about It is a David Vs. Goliath story (aka. Silicon Valley Vs.  Everyone else)

The main thing I took from the article is not that we are in a poor position in Germany, but that we have a great team, with great ideas! I would prefer to work for a small company in Germany that is run by people like Martin and Peter, than to work for a larger startup in the Valley that has no vision or passion.

Peter and Martin have both! That’s why is in a good position to
succeed, not because of a physical location, because of the drive and passion that everyone on the team has. We love what we are doing, and we believe that we are building a product that our users will love too.

So, thank you to April for noticing the little guy, as well as all of the others that have written about! They have seen that it is not about where you are, but where you’re going. (And I for one am happy to be here in the “Silicon Valley “of Germany)

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