German startup of the year?

by Eric Ebert on 7. December 2011 – 09:20


Thanks so much for your support!!


Yes! We’ve been nominated for an award!

We’ve been nominated by as one of twelve finalists in the “German startup of the year” competition! It’s a great honor for our little startup and we’re really excited about it!

It’s no small feat to be noticed in the startup community and with the recognition of deutsche-startups(which is the biggest startup site in Germany); it’s an even bigger deal.  They review about 5-15 startups a week and only select (on average) one a month to be included in the competition.

I’d like to say that it’s a pleasure just being nominated, but I won’t. We want to win! Althought there is stiff competition this year from companies like, Amen (where Ashton Kutcher is an investor) and they have already raised over 2 million US dollars to  (with over 100 employees)where they are changing the way you order your food! is also a major competitor and has a great chance! We have been able to receive great recognition, not only in Germany, but worldwide. We have great partners and loyal users that jumped on board early and gave us great feedback, but we are definitely the underdogs in the competition as we are a self funded startup (No Ashton here), but I think we are giving the other teams a lot to worry about!

Thanks to all of our users for the support! Go!

Edit: We’re currently in 3rd place for The German Startup of the year! Voting will finish on 12/14, so please vote now!

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