It’s a digital world with OfficeDrop

by Eric Ebert on 16. December 2011 – 14:12

I’m very happy to announce that we have teamed up with OfficeDrop! If you don’t already know what it is, you should check it out. OfficeDrop is a cloud based program that helps digitize your documents. That sounds like a lot of work, but let me explain. OfficeDrop gives you the ability to make PDFs of any document that you have and add it to your OfficeDrop account! There are a couple ways of doing this, you can use your own printer/scanner, you can use your iPhone/iPad2 camera (along with corresponding App) or you can mail it to OfficeDrop in their handy prepaid envelopes and let them do the work! Now there is no excuse not to have a digital version of your work handy!

The other thing that is really cool is that OfficeDrop uses a “Frenemy Model”, that means that you can use other cloud services with your OfficeDrop account (think Evernote). Cool, right? Well, we wanted to help. If you want to upload that email that you just received from your boss about a new Marketing campaign, just highlight the email text and OfficeDrop. You’ll then be asked which folder you want to use. If you have a folder setup already, just type in the folder and your document will appear in that folder in your OfficeDrop account, or you can create a new one! Select the document that you just uploaded and share it with the rest of your team in the field! (You can select which documents you share and with whom in the document or folder settings)

All of your documents are available to you at all times with the cloud storage! If you’ve used Evernote, I strongly recommend that you check out OfficeDrop, and with OfficeDrop, you won’t have to abandon your Evernote way of life! So, from now on you can help organise and upload all of your documents by using OfficeDrop!

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