gives a Hoot with HootSuite

by Eric Ebert on 1. February 2012 – 13:41

We are very pleased to announce the new integration of HootSuite into the portfolio. HootSuite offers its users the ability to manage multiple social media platforms at the same time. The HootSuite Dashboard allows users to manage not only social, but also with the recent implementation of the App Directory, you can also add YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr to the list of Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

With the recent addition of, you can also take HootSuite mobile. has a Safari tie-in for iOS that helps users shorten links directly on their handheld device and broadcast using HootSuite. We think that that is pretty neat.

However, HootSuite isn’t just a social network (and now other services) publisher. It helps organise entire ad campaigns for companies such as Pepsi and The White House (Yes, that one). HootSuite allows its users to organise teams and gives each of those teams members access as the company sees fit. (That means if you want Hank to stop drunk tweeting on the company Twitter page, HootSuite can be used to restrict his access.) That’s a good thing! expands the functionality of HootSuite by adding the ability to add content from anywhere. If you see something online that you want to get feedback on from the team, just HootSuite. If you receive an email singing your companies praises that you would like to share on your social network, just HootSuite and it can be shared everywhere. If your friend just sent you the most epic cat video ever … HootSuite. (Just don’t forget to give him credit for the find!)

The new version with HootSuite integration is now available to download, or you can just click on in the system tray and search for updates.

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