It’s Back……

by Eric Ebert on 30. January 2012 – 11:34


I wanted to tell you about a new feature that we’ve added to the basic program, but it’s not a basic function. We get great ideas of how to improve our program from our users and this is one of them. The back button. Yep, it does what you think a back button would do. Users were frustrated that every time you clipped a text or image or whatever and used Word for example, a new word document would open and the text would be there, but what if you want to add a lot of different text or other items to the same document? Just use the back button. You can keep surfing the interwebs and clipping as you go adding all the data that you want to a single document. You can even pull data from multiple places, whether its an email or another document on your desktop, as well as online!  Pretty cool, and for us, one of those Aha moments. Why didn’t we think of that? So once again I have to express my gratitude to our users and remind them that we are listening!


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