To Append or not to Append, is that a question?

by Eric Ebert on 31. January 2012 – 11:34


One of the other cool features that we added, (and this goes along with the back button) is the append feature. It helps a user stay in the game and keep moving forward. If you’re working on a list of things and need to keep adding content to an existing document, you can use the append button. A word or notebook with a clipped text or file (online or offline) and your on your way. If you need to add anything to it later, just append! It will automatically call up your previous document and add the data to the end.

It’s a great little feature and I mistakenly even used it as a search function. I had been working on a document right before I left for lunch, and I accidentally closed it. I didn’t realise I had done that until I got back and I couldn’t remember where I had saved it….not good. Idea! Highlight a text from an email quick and Append, found the document, opened it up and added my text to the bottom! No need to spend the next 30 minutes looking for it! So, check it out and let us know what you think!


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