A Featureless landscape….

by Eric Ebert on 31. January 2012 – 18:35

I was talking with my boss the other day and after the normal, “we could do this and we could make this better“ back and forth, I asked him how I was doing. The reply was nice and unexpected, “you’re doing a great job with everything, but why don’t you talk about some of our cool features on the blog?” I assured him that I had and that I would quickly be able to pull up the proof if he would just go to our blog…I hadn’t. I looked all over and had to ultimately admit that I had let him down (and you guys.) I guess I was just a little overwhelmed (and excited) with all of our new partner functions that I forgot about us.

So I’m now trying to fix it and today I’ll be explaining Html tables and click.to. Did you know that we’ve had this feature since the beginning? You can go to a website and copy an Html table and click.to Excel. click.to recognizes that it should be a table in Excel as well and will divide the corresponding table into rows and columns in excel. All with one click! So, if you have a large amount of data that you’ve found online that you want to tweak a little, just copy and click.to Excel!

Procrastination just got a little less stressful, because if it’s not on the web, it doesn’t exist.


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