The Copy and Paste Future

by Eric Ebert on 20. February 2012 – 13:56

I was thinking about Copy and Paste today. Is it really something that hasn’t moved forward since its inception? What I’m talking about is that it seems to be out of date. Do kids these days even know what a clipboard is? I bet if you called it an iPad, they would. I haven’t seen an actual clipboard since my fifth grade PE teacher, and he wasn’t very nice. So why don’t we get rid of the horrible use of the words Clipboard, Copy and Paste which can trigger strong emotions (and sometimes therapy) and get back the function of it.

This is our Generation! We get to decide on a brighter future (think of the children) and move forward together! My dad used to say that we couldn’t get an electric can opener, because the one he had as a kid, still worked. (True, but it was a rusty piece of junk that should’ve given me Tetanus) Get the electric can opener and step into the now. Forget Copy and Paste and move forward into the new future of


If all things stay the same, we wouldn’t have airbags or computers in our pockets. I know that it took a long time to revisit the old standby functions, but we have and there is no excuse not to use the better option!


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