We’ve stumbled into a partnership with StumbleUpon

by Eric Ebert on 5. March 2012 – 07:33

We are very happy to announce the addition of StumbleUpon to click.to. StumbleUpon is the “personal shopper” of web information or the friend that always has something cool to talk about or show you. The integration allows a user to highlight a word from anywhere (email, PDF, Internet, desktop) and with one click, get a recommendation from StumbleUpon (ie your new best friend) about that topic.

When I was testing I tried the following words: Mac, Posterous (more on this later), and Cars. The Mac return was a list of useful Mac shortcuts for your keyboard, (definitely saving that for later). The Posterous return was a well written blog about the features and uses of Posterous and the coolest return was for cars.
It was a video of the famous “Topgear” where they were racing an Aston Martin against a guy on roller blades (he had a jet pack on!) So, Thanks new cool friend. Now I can highlight the link and click.to Facebook and of course I’ll also add it to my StumbleUpon account! Yep, now I’m the new cool friend!

StumbleUpon could be the best wing-man I’ve ever had. Helping me fill the gaps of silence in long conversations with cool little tidbits I’ve “Stumbled Upon”, and like a good friend, StumbleUpon will learn your likes and dislikes and offer up only the stuff from your like column.

So, if you’re interested in a certain topic, click.to StumbleUpon and see what your new best friend has to offer. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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