My new favorite function

by Eric Ebert on 14. March 2012 – 11:00

Twitter is a great service. No one doubts that. I use it often, not just for my job, but to keep up with my friends and current events. It’s amazing how fast news travels through Twitter. I find myself checking tweets after I see a news report, because often times it has been on twitter for at least a few hours and the users have already found the best sources for details, including videos and pictures. Unfiltered information flow!

What does that have to do with I’m using a combination of two functions. The first one is Twitter itself (of course) and the second is the top of screen function that is integrated (in the twitter satellite) with a quick edit box. These two combinations allow me to tweet from anywhere on my computer or the internet. Find something interesting? Tweet it, Have a random thought while you’re daydreaming on your computer? Tweet it. Suddenly remember a birthday, send them a tweet! (You can also use Facebook for that last one)

Let me paint a picture (I actually can’t paint very well, so you might have to try it out for yourself): I’m watching the Republican debates on my computer when I hear a really odd “Fact” from one of the candidates. I want to check the authenticity of said fact and decide I should ask the Twitter community. Here’s what I do: I move my mouse to the top of the screen, my icons appear and I select Twitter. I type in the “fact” and does the rest! I have Twitter setup to auto message me on my phone, so if I get a reply it will send the message directly to my phone. Yep, it’s that easy.

I didn’t leave the original screen to send the tweet, and since I’ve integrated twitter on my phone, I’m now free to go make that pizza that I’ve been thinking about. I should have the fact thoroughly checked by the time his 2 minutes is up, or by the time the oven is warm.  So thanks Twitter and for helping me stay informed!


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