How accessible is tech to the common user

by Eric Ebert on 13. April 2012 – 10:27

I was inspired to write a quick blog about the common user. The inspiration comes from the new Kraft Mac and Cheese™ marketing campaign going on right now. For Kraft’s 75th anniversary of Mac and Cheese, they decided to turn over their social marketing campaign to two ladies in the 80s. Dottie is 86 and Frankie is 87.( The idea is that they have been eating Mac and Cheese for their entire lives, and they could share their experiences with people around the world!

It’s quite nice to see a couple of nice “older” ladies navigate the new social networks that the youngsters take for granted. They are currently listed on Twitter @kraftmacncheese or under the hash tag #oldbirdsnewtweets. Yesterday they did an interview with CNN and today they announced the extension of the experiment for an extra day!

If you think about it, it seems that we should be making products built, not only for older users that didn’t grow up with computers, but also for people that don’t have a lot of experience with computers. If you look at the Tech craziness that has happened in the last decade, you can see great companies that are trying their best to achieve just that. Apple has made a fortune by building a smart phone that is intuitive and easy to use for everyone. If companies continue to focus on end users (that may or may not be tech savvy), it is a recipe for success.

We, here at are trying to make the desktop (and later the phone) more user friendly. To use, you don’t have to be a programmer. All you need to know is which data you want to go where and click on the menu. I think even Dottie and Frankie would appreciate that! So if you have the time, say hello to our new friend on Twitter of Facebook. (They also have quite a few youtube videos that have been uploaded using their new “wefi”)


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