The construction of a startup

by Eric Ebert on 21. June 2012 – 11:59

At, we’re hacking everyday to bring great new features to our users. Our users have responded with great new ideas and many supportive emails sent to our inboxes. As a startup, we are dependent on the work of some of the bigger guys in the tech industry and we are grateful for their support. There are instances that we’ve run into that have changed the direction of our product, and the direction of our workday.

It’s possible that you start the day planning to tackle a certain “bug” or to add a new feature only to get a tweet from one of your users that a previous function no longer works. In this day and age, small firms such as ours are constantly connected and are ready to take action at a moments notice, however it can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing platforms of our partners.

One recent example was a tweet we received about a function (the quick edit box) that has been very successful. The problem that we found out was that the HootSuite function that we added to was only compatible with Internet Explorer. While it still worked, it wasn’t offering the broadest range of options that we would like for our users.

And that is the challenge that we face. If Google Chrome or Fire Fox decide not to support it, it doesn’t work. We have found though that the Big Tech companies try to maintain their startup roots and are very responsive to user input. Maybe they didn’t know that this feature was being used in this way, so they didn’t support it. Maybe they haven’t even heard of (which we really hope isn’t the case) so they haven’t built supportive structures. In the end though, it’s the users that are the engine that drive our and others innovation.

It reminds me of the “here take my money” meme. All you have to do is build something great and the users will support it. Sometimes easier said than done, but we think we’re on the right path.


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