It’s Official!

by Eric Ebert on 22. January 2014 – 10:00

The new version is here! After working so hard to fix some of our initial problems. We are happy to announce that we are officially through with the Beta Phase. I would personally like to thank all of our testers for their feedback and patience during our initial stages. You are a very valuable part of the development of

We are very excited to announce some changes in the first official version:

We’ve made some changes to the look and design (don’t worry, the functions you’ve come to depend on are still there) is now available in German (Herzlich Willkommen!)

And of course we killed a few bugs in the process!

We are very excited to be entering into the licensing phase of the project and will be offering the new and version for free, for 14 days! After the initial trial is over, you can buy your license here:

If you have any questions or support problems, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at:

Or leave me a comment below.

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