The Copy and Paste Future

by Eric Ebert on 20. February 2012 – 13:56

I was thinking about Copy and Paste today. Is it really something that hasn’t moved forward since its inception? What I’m talking about is that it seems to be out of date. Do kids these days even know what a clipboard is? I bet if you called it an iPad, they would. I haven’t seen an actual clipboard since my fifth grade PE teacher, and he wasn’t very nice. So why don’t we get rid of the horrible use of the words Clipboard, Copy and Paste which can trigger strong emotions (and sometimes therapy) and get back the function of it.

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by Eric Ebert on 16. February 2012 – 14:00

I’m very excited to talk about a great new function that has kind of come full circle. The first part is the instant text box. If you Twitter or Facebook or whatever, a small text box pops up so that you can edit your text or add a title to your picture before you post it. Cool, right?

The new function is based on this, but you can now have icons show up when you move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen. What does that mean? Even if I don’t have a word to “copy”, I just move my mouse to the top of the screen and click on Google. Write in my word or phrase and does the rest! Read More… gives a Hoot with HootSuite

by Eric Ebert on 1. February 2012 – 13:41

We are very pleased to announce the new integration of HootSuite into the portfolio. HootSuite offers its users the ability to manage multiple social media platforms at the same time. The HootSuite Dashboard allows users to manage not only social, but also with the recent implementation of the App Directory, you can also add YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr to the list of Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

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A Featureless landscape….

by Eric Ebert on 31. January 2012 – 18:35

I was talking with my boss the other day and after the normal, “we could do this and we could make this better“ back and forth, I asked him how I was doing. The reply was nice and unexpected, “you’re doing a great job with everything, but why don’t you talk about some of our cool features on the blog?” I assured him that I had and that I would quickly be able to pull up the proof if he would just go to our blog…I hadn’t. I looked all over and had to ultimately admit that I had let him down (and you guys.) I guess I was just a little overwhelmed (and excited) with all of our new partner functions that I forgot about us. Read More…

To Append or not to Append, is that a question?

by Eric Ebert on 31. January 2012 – 11:34


One of the other cool features that we added, (and this goes along with the back button) is the append feature. It helps a user stay in the game and keep moving forward. If you’re working on a list of things and need to keep adding content to an existing document, you can use the append button. A word or notebook with a clipped text or file (online or offline) and your on your way. If you need to add anything to it later, just append! It will automatically call up your previous document and add the data to the end. Read More…

It’s Back……

by Eric Ebert on 30. January 2012 – 11:34


I wanted to tell you about a new feature that we’ve added to the basic program, but it’s not a basic function. We get great ideas of how to improve our program from our users and this is one of them. The back button. Yep, it does what you think a back button would do. Read More…

Klicktel Open-API Hackathon

by Eric Ebert on 24. January 2012 – 21:14


And the winners are…….us! We had the opportunity to compete in the KlickTel Open_API Hackathon on the 26th and 27th of November and we were just declared the winners! KlickTel along with it’s parent company telegate AG made clear that the main idea for the hackathon was to look for better ideas on how we could integrate telephone books into mobile devices and the computer to make them more accessible (and lighter)! Read More…

“ air” Vs. the “Superhighway”

by Eric Ebert on 24. January 2012 – 09:08

So, this article might show my age, but I wanted to talk about the information “Superhighway” that everyone was talking about in the late 90’s. Back then, we were promised total integration of all digital and communications information. Schools were pushing for new ways to get their students onto the “highway” so they wouldn’t miss out on the explosion of new ideas and collaborations.

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Who can claim the title?

by Eric Ebert on 10. January 2012 – 11:02

Who can claim the title?

Today I wanted to talk about the city of Karlsruhe, Germany. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re not alone. Karlsruhe is a city along the Rhine River about an hour drive south of Frankfurt. It’s a beautiful little town with a population nearing 300,000. The reason I wanted to talk about it is because of the assumption (by many in the tech world) that Berlin is the Technical Capitol of Germany. As a transplant to this city, I find that extremely unlikely.

Karlsruhe is known for a couple of significant things in its history and I won’t go over all of them, but I will touch on a few. It is the home of the “Supreme court“ in Germany for both civil and criminal matters, the birthplace of Carl Benz (yes, that Benz) and also the home of KIT (The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)  Which has 22,500 students. Read More…

Time wasted is wasted time…

by Eric Ebert on 20. December 2011 – 16:27

So, we’ve added KlickTel to our list of supported apps. KlickTel is an online telephone directory that gives you all of the information that you need, without you having any yourself. Let me explain.
You receive an email from your secretary (as if anyone actually has one of those) that says that you are going on a business trip to Berlin for one week, but that you should look for a hotel that’s in the city center to cut down on travel time. Read More…