It’s a digital world with OfficeDrop

by Eric Ebert on 16. December 2011 – 14:12

I’m very happy to announce that we have teamed up with OfficeDrop! If you don’t already know what it is, you should check it out. OfficeDrop is a cloud based program that helps digitize your documents. That sounds like a lot of work, but let me explain. OfficeDrop gives you the ability to make PDFs of any document that you have and add it to your OfficeDrop account! There are a couple ways of doing this, you can use your own printer/scanner, you can use your iPhone/iPad2 camera (along with corresponding App) or you can mail it to OfficeDrop in their handy prepaid envelopes and let them do the work! Now there is no excuse not to have a digital version of your work handy!

The other thing that is really cool is that OfficeDrop uses a “Frenemy Model”, that means Read More…

Black Friday? No thank you!

by Eric Ebert on 8. December 2011 – 15:14

So, Christmas time has come again. I call it online shopping time! Fortunately I have to help me find my way through the daunting task of Christmas shopping for my entire family. I received a list from my younger brother for a new hunting hat and a couple of items for his kids as an email.

No problem, Amazon directly from his email and (one click to purchase with Amazon’s one click option) I’m done!

My other brother was on Skype with me Read More…

German startup of the year?

by Eric Ebert on 7. December 2011 – 09:20


Thanks so much for your support!!


Yes! We’ve been nominated for an award!

We’ve been nominated by as one of twelve finalists in the “German startup of the year” competition! It’s a great honor for our little startup and we’re really excited about it! Read More…

All clear at 37signals’ Basecamp

by Eric Ebert on 23. November 2011 – 17:51

We are very pleased to be a part of Basecamp at 37signals. Basecamp is the ultimate web-based project management tool. You can collaborate with anyone on your project team using Basecamp. The ability to post notes, make to-do lists, set milestones and share files makes Basecamp one of, if not the best collaboration tool.  Read More…

Quick edit keeps the world talking

by Eric Ebert on 17. November 2011 – 08:58

We’ve added a recent feature to our Twitter function that is definitely a game changer. Now you can use any text or link (along with twitter) and it will pull up a quick edit box. One of the major problems with the older twitter function was the inability to edit what you’ve copied before posted it. That has all changed.


(more screenshots after the jump) Read More…

A dead end doesn’t have to be the end

by Eric Ebert on 11. November 2011 – 08:29

I recently went out to dinner with a friend and as usual we were trying to solve the World’s problems in a single night. One of the topics that came up (as usual) was Technology in relation to computers. We spoke about the advances that we have seen (as I’ve talked about here before) in our lifetimes and how fast everything is evolving. Great stuff, right?

Well, not everything.

This image is property of

Read More… adds memories with Memonic

by Eric Ebert on 8. November 2011 – 10:07 is very happy to add Memonic to our list of partners. We have been looking at ways to make things faster for our users, and I personally think that Memonic is a great product to use. It is the ultimate “clipper”. You can grab notes directly from any webpage and add it to your folders without much thought. They have a handy little webclipper with tons of options. You can save an entire page to read later or just a selection of the important stuff. Read More… integrates with popular software Skype

by Eric Ebert on 3. November 2011 – 10:14 is proud to announce a new integration with Skype! If you’ve ever used Skype, you know how cool this match-up is. I use Skype on a daily basis, not only for work, but also in my private life. It is the easiest app to use when I want to reach my family in the US or send a quick note to my co-workers. Read More… — The Little App That Could!

by Eric Ebert on 25. October 2011 – 07:42

I woke up this morning to a post in my Facebook news feed about I hadn’t posted anything, so I was a little curious. It was from the great folks at the Huffington Post, posted from our dear COO, Peter. I think April Rudin hit the nail on the head when she wrote about It is a David Vs. Goliath story (aka. Silicon Valley Vs.  Everyone else)

The main thing I took from the article is not that we are in a poor position in Germany, but that we have a great team, with great ideas! I would prefer to work for a small company in Germany that is run by people like Martin and Peter, than to work for a larger startup in the Valley that has no vision or passion. Read More…

MAC attack, sponsored by!

by Eric Ebert on 20. October 2011 – 08:33

I finally get the chance to write about the Mac version! Yes, its official release was a couple of days ago, but I was too busy playing with the new version to write. Sorry loyal readers.

So far, it’s everything I hoped it would be, and more. has finally come full circle to expand across all platforms!   I was reading through some of the comments about the new version over the last couple of days, and like all apple users, they have lots of ideas on how to improve Read More…