goes big with

by Eric Ebert on 2. August 2011 – 07:39 is pleased to announce a new partnership with! The online shopping network is one of the largest in Germany and a great addition to the family.


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Simplenote and synch-up

by Eric Ebert on 28. July 2011 – 08:51 is pleased to announce the new cooperation with Simplenote. Users can now use with the sleek app, Simplenote. You can now create notes with one click! Ctrl+C, Simplenote! You can add notes and index them using the simple design of Simplenote.

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The first look at for Mac

by Eric Ebert on 28. July 2011 – 07:09

Axonic is very happy to announce the first version of for Mac is now in Alpha Testing. I had assumed that it would be much later before it was ready, but our apple programmers (Like most apple enthusiasts) couldn’t wait that long. I’m very happy that our loyal mac users will now be able to experience the speed and life-changing function of Why should they have to click and click and click? We don’t think it’s fair either! So, here are a couple of (teaser) screenshots that I grabbed: is now available!

by Eric Ebert on 27. July 2011 – 09:02

We reached for the stars on this one! We listened to all of your feedback and  fixed everything that was reported to us. Here is a list of the bugs that we fixed in the new version:

- mouse lag
- accessability in system tray i.e. Options
- problems with administration rights to create word documents etc.
- problem with date format (dd\mm\yyyy)

If you don’t see your bug fix on the list, please let us know. We hope that everything is great with the new version, and as always, look forward to your feedback! goes Apple!

by Eric Ebert on 15. July 2011 – 08:06

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to thank all of you for the great feedback we’ve been getting. Early adopters are the best! I have been getting a lot of emails about our Apple version. I assure you that we are working on it. Our projected release is September of this year!

Until then, our loyal Mac fans will have to borrow a Windows computer from a friend. Are Mac and PC users friends? I’m not sure, but could be a reason to expand your horizons and meet new people (at least until September)!

Unleash the fury, Mitch!

by Eric Ebert on 11. July 2011 – 11:46

I’ve been having a lot of fun with in the last couple of days. I unleashed it on my Facebook news feed. You know the guy that always puts up those politically motivated posts and attributes them to one of his heroes, of course you do. Check it with a Ctrl-C Wikipedia search and see if he’s blurring the lines of reality.

For example:

‘Evil is the absence of God.’  Albert Einstein

He never said this.

‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.’
Normally attributed to Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, or Albert Einstein, none of them said this.

It was more likely Rita Mae Brown.

I’ve also been checking song lyrics and movie lines that people post. Read More… and Evernote Save your Life

by Eric Ebert on 10. July 2011 – 12:28 is happy to announce a new partnership with Evernote! Evernote is one of those programs that help you organize your life. If I had to explain it in a few words, I would say, Evernote stores your digital life. Everything that you can think of works with Evernote, text, pictures,files. If you receive a picture from a long lost friend and want to save it, right-click, copy with and its already saved. Not only that, but Evernote automatically syncs your data in your account, so its available on all of your mobile devices as well. Whether thats an iPhone, iPad or any other tablet. Evernote

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The revolution will not be televised, but it will be well informed!

by Eric Ebert on 8. July 2011 – 11:42

My new found use for…ending mis-information! I’ll admit, I’m not a huge message board user, but I do use them to stay up on current events. I also read the posts that people like to add to the end of news articles online. What always ends up happening though is someone comes up with some outlandish statement and represents it as fact. Enter my precision guided Google or Wikipedia search and boom goes the dynamite! It’s a one-click solution, which ends the life of the troll before he can even get started. All you do is… Read More…

Google+ and the Facebook fight

by Eric Ebert on 4. July 2011 – 11:37

Since I blogged about it last time, I thought I would take a closer look at both of these platforms. The internet is buzzing right now and it’s a very healthy debate. It goes without saying that people love to cheer for the underdog, which Google+ is. Let’s face it, they’ve tried this before, and Facebook has just said that they have over 750 million users worldwide. That puts Google+ squarely in the underdog category.

With the recent news that Facebook has struck a deal with Skype (who also happen to be a top dog) it looks like the power duo will continue to stick it to the competition, or maybe not. I see a couple problems with the Facebook platform as it now stands. Read More… release

by Eric Ebert on 1. July 2011 – 10:49

So…The day has come. We are releasing to the world today! All I have to say is thanks to all the hard work of the guys at Axonic! ‘The eagle has landed’ I started blogging about before I realised how easy it was to work with. I had worked with the Beta version, but, as the name implies, it still had a lot of things that needed to be changed. I was recently on vacation, so I wasn’t able to try the full version, so I sent a copy to my brother in the States. His reply was, ‘ClickTo works awesome! The App looks good. It’s so easy to use, just Copy & Paste.’ That was what I, and the hardworking people at Axonic, want to hear. Now, If you haven’t tried it or don’t think you need it; you should have your head examined! I’m not lazy, and I could find all of my pictures by hand, but why? Right click -> copy is how I roll from now on!

As a side note, I was a little sad that the big guys, (see Google+) released the same week as, but I’m sure that the functionality of the app will grow, along with the people that love it. I’m off clicktoing, which actually means that I’ll be uploading pictures from my vacation to my Facebook account. (My brother wants to see them, and I owe him one) Go!