New Apple Version Available Soon!

by Eric Ebert on 23. August 2011 – 10:01

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.

2 Responses to New Apple Version Available Soon!

  1. Frederic Malpica sagt:

    If I can help you out as a betatester, let’s do it.

  2. Eric Ebert sagt:

    Hey Frederic, Thanks for your interest in the Betatest. I think they are pretty much done with the betatesting. (I’ll double-check for you) The first Apple version should be releasing soon! I hope you like it!

    edit: ok, I double checked and they are still taking testers! Send your name and email info to:
    and let them know you’re interested in the Betatesting for Apple! Welcome to the team!