“ is a unique kind of software, a program that transforms pretty much everything you see on the screen into a hyperlink. With, you can get from A to B using the shortest route, thus saving time and effort that were once spent on unnecessary routines.”

Team,, September 2012

Best Web Tool  

“One of the best freeware applications this year…”

Team,, July 2012


“ is an easy-to-use piece of software.”

Dan Hategan,, May 2012


“A neat little tool that can save you time, clicks, and possibly from arthritis.”

Kira M. Newman,, April 2012


“ eases the process of copy-pasting content from one application to another.”, February 2012


“This copy and paste freeware application is one the best freeware picks ever!”

Thomas Smith,, February 2012


“ makes your computer’s clipboard function far more useful.”

Martin Bryant,, January 2012


“It cuts down on the amount of clicks and browsing needed for the most common computer tasks we all do.”

Sarah Mitroff,, January 2012


“ is a nifty little utility”

Ian Harac,, January 2012


“designed to simplify your digital life”, November 2011


“ was affiliated to the Spark of Genius Series presented by Microsoft BizSpark”, September 2011

PC Mag  

“It’s really a small but important app!”

April Rudin,, October 2011


“It’s also incredibly easy to use.”

Ramon Ray,, October 2011


“You’re ready to reduce the amount of time you waste clicking and copying and pasting.”

Allison Midori Reilly,, October 2011


“Most Useful Startup September: Copy, paste & share in one go.”

NuNet,, September 2011


“ turns copy, pasting and sharing or searching into a single action. This simple, little convenience could certainly save you a lot of time.”

Jennifer van Grove,, September 2011 on MakeUseOf  

“…ClickTo makes it simple by letting you copy content directly to the desired application.”

Aibek Esengulov,, July 2011 on lifehacker  

“It’ll actually save you a good deal of the tedious clicking you do all day.”

Whitson Gordon,, July 2011 on KillerStartups  

“If you are even a bit of an oversharer, then this is a service you will invariably find appealing.”

Roger H.,, July 2011 on addictivetips  

“ is an application for Windows written to save mouse clicks for performing numerous lengthy tasks.”

Usman Javaid,, July 2011 on TechCrunch  

“It’s a neat little app that adds value for oversharers such as myself.”

Robin Wauters,, July 2011