by Eric Ebert on 1. July 2011 – 10:49
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So…The day has come. We are releasing to the world today! All I have to say is thanks to all the hard work of the guys at Axonic! ‘The eagle has landed’ I started blogging about before I …
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The first look at for Mac

by Eric Ebert on 28. July 2011 – 07:09
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Axonic is very happy to announce the first version of for Mac is now in Alpha Testing. I had assumed that it would be much later before it was ready, but our apple programmers (Like most apple enthusiasts) couldn’t wait that …
Read more adds Toodledo to the Program

by Eric Ebert on 27. September 2011 – 09:11
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Toodledo is a program that can integrate all of your little bits and snippets (or in my case, random thoughts) into one place, and remind you of what’s ahead and what’s important. I know that the ability to organise your …
Read more moves to the top…of your screen!

by Eric Ebert on 16. February 2012 – 14:00
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I’m very excited to talk about a great new function that has kind of come full circle. The first part is the instant text box. If you Twitter or Facebook or whatever, a small text box pops up so …
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New Apple Version Available Soon!

by Eric Ebert on 23. August 2011 – 10:01
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We are very happy to announce that the new Apple version of will be available soon! Its very humbling for us that so many people were willing to help test our Alpha version and help us (in a very …
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The newest version of is here!

by Eric Ebert on 9. September 2011 – 08:05
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I wrote last week about and how it would be a great new partner for us, and they are! I updated my program today and was surprised to see quite a few changes. First, is that is …
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MAC attack, sponsored by!

by Eric Ebert on 20. October 2011 – 08:33
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I finally get the chance to write about the Mac version! Yes, its official release was a couple of days ago, but I was too busy playing with the new version to write. Sorry loyal readers. So far, it’s everything …
Read more integrates with popular software Skype

by Eric Ebert on 3. November 2011 – 10:14
2 comments  |  Add comment  |  4395 Views is proud to announce a new integration with Skype! If you’ve ever used Skype, you know how cool this match-up is. I use Skype on a daily basis, not only for work, but also in my private life. It …
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The Story of Flickr

by Eric Ebert on 20. March 2012 – 09:17
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I’ll be looking at some of our partners in the next few entries and trying to share new information as well as the history of the companies themselves. Today I’m starting with the photo sharing platform, Flickr™. Flickr was founded …
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New Cooperation with Gelbe Seiten!!

by Eric Ebert on 2. August 2012 – 11:40
2 comments  |  Add comment  |  0 Views is very happy to announce the new partnership with Gelbe Seiten! If you don’t know who they are, then you probably have never looked up a number or an address of a hotel, a restaurant or a plumber in …
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