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How do I post something on Pastebin with click.to?

How do I post something on Pastebin with click.to?
Simply copy the text you want to post and select Pastebin from the click.to menu.
The default settings for a post at Pastebin are:
Syntax = none
expiration = never
exposure = public
and it is posted as guest.
If you want to change this go to the Options menu of click.to and edit the Pastebin entry.
There are couple of different Options you can take here.
In the field “user” you can enter your username and logically in the field “password” the belonging password.
Possible Options for the “expiration” field (expire date) are:
N = Never
10M = 10 Minutes
1H = 1 Hour
1D = 1 Day
1M = 1 Month
Possible Options for the “syntax” field (Syntax Highlighting) are:
c = C
csharp = C#
cpp = C++
java = Java
php = PHP
Possible Options in the “exposure” field (Exposure) are:
0 = public
1 = private

Here is an example if you want to post something with the account johnDoe, password 1234, expiring after ten minutes, C# syntax highlighting and private exposure:


If you receive a “Pastebin cancelled” message it is most likely that at least one parameter is not valid.
For an overview of all possible Options visit Pastebin’s
API site.
Be aware that you need a Pastebin user account to access this page!