Introduction offers users a variety of actions. You can start every action by selecting a word, a text or an image file of your choice and pressing the key combination “CTRL + C“. Now, you only need to select an action by using just one click. How this works in concrete cases is shown below. For more feature explanations, check out the section “Overview Features“.


Start a search request on Google

1. We start with a search request for google. For example we have a Microsoft Word document with a text about New York and we want to know what the tasks of the “U.S. Department of Commerce” are.


2. To start a search request, simply select the words you want to search for, in this case “U.S. Department of Commerce”, and press “CTRL + C“. After pressing the key combination, the “Satellite Display” will appear.


3. Now click on the “Google” button to start a search request.


4. Your browser should open a new tab with your desired search term. That’s it!


Open an image with Microsoft Paint

1. To open an image, for example one that is located on your desktop, select the image and press “CTRL + C“.


2. Then, select the Paint icon to open the file marked with Microsoft Paint.


3. Now, Microsoft Paint should start with your selected image file. And all with just one click!


For more feature explanations, check out the section “Overview Features“.