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How to add a program call to
In the task bar you click on the icon and select “Options.” There you can find under the tab “Actions” the “Add” button. With a single click, a small window opens where you can select “Add a windows application call” and in the opened window, you will have the option to select your individual program call. You can give it a name, and the relevant exe file with a click on “Browse” to search in your Explorer. In the last line you need to specify which arguments are passed to the program. Whether images, documents, text or video, because there are different setups for each, which you can find in our Online Help.

Example: Open an image file with Photoshop
First, you open the taskbar with a click on the icon and select “Options”. Under the “Actions” you will find the “Add” button. In the window that opens you click on “Add a windows application call” and a new small window opens. Next, you click on the “Browse” button and look for the exe-Date (in our case “Photoshop.exe”) that you would like to add to will automatically add the program logo, which appears later in the satellites, but you can also select a custom icon if you want. You should also give your action a name (“Photoshop”) so that you know where you are later.
Finally, you have to tell what file types can be processed with Photoshop: image files. Thus indicating to that the Photoshop satellite is only needed for image files, you write now in the “Arguments of the call” the pattern [ImageFile].

Do not forget to save and try it out. You can find detailed information about the arguments in our Online Help guide: How to add a windows application call.