Add Web action

Personalize your, as individual as you are – with your own web actions.


  • Add your own web actions
  • Link individual searches
  • Add individual translation pages

How it works – get to your own website with a single click
Is there a web service that you use more than ten times a day and you want to get there faster? With it is quite easy to build your own extensions. To do this, go into the taskbar on the icon and select “Options.” This piulls up the ”Actions” menu, where you select “Add”. Once you’ve selected “Add”, you’ll find a quick selection of different extensions and the option “Add a new web action”. Now, simply add your desired action. Easy!

How it works – Create your own searches with
Personalised searches are a bit special, but otherwise work just like adding a simple web action. Open taskbar, click the icon and go into options and click “Add web action”. only needs to know now that a search should be conducted on the website. For the best results, the first time you do a search of any search term (i. e. banana), you get a special link to the search query. When you have completed your search, you copy the link displayed in the address field and add it to the “Call website” field. The link also needs to have your search term “banana”. This word will be completely replaced by the placeholder “[URL text].” More detailed information can be found in our Online Help: How to add a web action.