Copy several passages of text into a single document with – always with a single click
Do you want to organise and collect several passages from various sources into a single document? Without always manually switching to a different window? For this, we have the “ Append” function.


  • The “back” + copy in a single action
  • Switch back to the last used document and copy to that document automatically.

How it works: Copying several text passages in a Word document with “Append”
It’s best to start by highlighting and copying the first to be saved passages, and pasting it using “ Word” into a new Word document. stores the information that this Word document is the most recently used document. Now, if you’d like to add more passages to the same Word document from an e-mail, a PDF or a website, just highlight, copy and click on the “append” icon. The passage will be automatically inserted at the cursor position in the Word document. This can be repeated as often as you like.

Saving several screenshots in a Word document
The append principle doesn’t only work with text content, but also e-mail attachments, pictures or screenshots. So if you want to collect a series of screenshots into a single document, simply press the “print” button, and save the first screenshot with “ Word” in a new Word document. You can add more screenshots after that, to the same document by using “ append”.