click.to Facebook

How many clicks do you need to upload a picture to Facebook?
We’ve counted them. At best, it is “only” 11! How can that be? You have to open your browser, select the Address bar, access the website, enter username and password and login. Then you have to find the photo menu, you then have an option to decide how you want to upload the image and then you finally search for the picture in your Explorer? That is a long way for such a small task.

And with click.to?
It’s quite quicker. Find desired photo (s) highlight, Ctrl+C and a click.to Facebook. How many clicks they are? One, a single solitary click.


  • Upload one or more photos into an album
  • Text select directly to your wall post
  • Share Links
  • Post YouTube Videos
  • Single sign-on

All done, as easily as uploading an individual photo
To upload a picture to Facebook, highlight the image and press Ctrl+C. The click.to icon appears and you can easily select “Facebook” in the dropdown menu. You give your image a title and the picture gets posted on your wall. You only have to register the first time, then it really goes with just one click.

Here’s how you can upload multiple pictures to an album
The procedure is similar to uploading a single photo. You’re flagging this time, all the pictures you want, press Ctrl+C, which symbol appears click.to, you choose and turn on the satellite “Facebook”. Click.to automatically creates an album that you can give a catchy name, you can even give names to the individual images before they are posted to your wall.

So you want to post the latest news on your wall
You’ve discovered a great quote in your eBook or want to share the latest news, you’ve just told your friend via email. Simply select the text you want and hit Ctrl+C that will quickly release the “Facebook” icon. Select the icon and your post will be published directly on your wall.

… and what about privacy? Surely I must be signed into facebook to use click.to
Right, if you’re using click.to Facebook for the first time, you have to let click.to know, of course, which account you want to use. Your login data will be specially encrypted and stored locally on your computer, i. e. your data is never transferred to us - so we have no access to your data, it will remain on your local PC.


The fastest way to Facebook
With click.to, Facebook can be reached from anywhere on the desktop – even without a previously copied word on the clipboard. Just enable “Quick Access” in the click.to options menu and view the click.to satellites by moving the mouse cursor to the top of the screen. Select Facebook and enter your post: click.to automatically opens your Internet browser, goes to Facebook and enters your post entry immediately!