Google Translate

With one click, know what that e-mail means


  • Translate e-mails
  • Translate web content
  • Translate PDF files
  • Translate lyrics

So, here’s how you can translate text in one click
Have you ever gotten an e-mail that you didn’t understand? Check to see if the e-mail is even important to you. How? You can translate it with one click. Simply highlight the text, Ctrl+C or right click -> copy and select Google Translate.


Access to Google Translate, straight from your desktop
With clickto, you can reach Google Translate from anywhere on the desktop – even without a previously copied word on the clipboard. Just enable the “Quick Access” in the options menu and view the satellites by moving the mouse cursor to the top of the screen. Select Google Translate and enter your text: automatically opens your Internet browser, goes to the Google Translate website and presents your search results!