Google Google

With a Google you could …


… find out more information about the new movie
… search for more information on ”Decoherence”
… find suitable sites for vacation planning
… underpin the current headlines with background knowledge
… put your questions to the world of the Internet

Here’s how!
To add a word, a topic, a question, a headline or whatever you want to search with Google, you have it, no matter where you are, just highlight, copy and then in the menu select “Google”.
The text can come from a PDF document, from an e-mail, from a website, from your address book, or from a file name.


The fastest way to Google
With, Google can be reached from anywhere on the desktop – even without a previously copied word on the clipboard. Just enable “Quick Access” in the options menu and view the satellites by moving the mouse cursor to the top of the screen. Select Google and enter your question: automatically opens your Internet browser,goes to Google and enters your search results immediately!

With you can easily google any text on your screen – always with just one click.