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  • Twitter messages quickly
  • Shorten links with TinyUrl

Worth every Tweet – Twitter

“You must try the impossible, to achieve the possible.”
Hermann Hesse

You’ve found a really good quote and want to share it with the world? It’s easy to do with Simply mark the quote, copy using Ctrl+C and Twitter. You only have to write one Hashtag, when necessary.

Magic – to shorten long links with a click
Tweets can be up to 140 characters long. Most web links go beyond this framework, however, not to mention all the accompanying comments. Developed especially for this reason: TinyURL. shortens long links. So far, it goes something like this: Copy the soon-to-be shortened link, call up the website, paste copied text, select the shortened link, open Twitter and …

It sounds very complicated until you’ve tried it the first time with Highlight website link, Ctrl+C and copy to TinyURL. The link will now be shortened and processed automatically in the background. With another click on Twitter, the shortened link will immediately be tweeted to your account.