Anything can be a hyperlink


  • Search terms on Google search
  • Unlinked site addresses can be called up directly

So you can find what you are looking for with one click
There is a speech from quinoa in an e-mail, and you want to know what it is? Then click on your search question and select click.to Google. Simply highlight the word, Ctrl+C or right click -> copy, and see Google results direct from click.to.

How you can open a web address
People e-mail messages that are written in rich text format (i. e. without formatting and without links), so it is possible to receive an address for a website without having the ability to open it as a link. Actually, you’d have to take care of the boring and annoying task yourself, open your browser and paste the copied address into the address field. Instead, the address can be directly opened with click.to. By pressing Ctrl+C, which automatically opens your click.to menu with your mouse, you can then select the browser you want to use (i. e. Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, …) and like magic: the website is open!