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Your service is just a click away from the desktop simplifies everyday work and makes working on the computer twice as fast - perhaps this could also be true for your users or customers in the future. With, you can ensure that your offer as a First-Choice Service is already being addressed by the desktop. Neither the browser nor the elaborate opening of a search for your service with a search engine, can optimize the uses of your service in the same way.

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Your web service, your program, or your plugin can be part of the world of is so diverse that an infinite number of scenarios and extensions are possible. Our default installation package is delivered with only about two dozen standard features that are optional for all users to download. One of these exclusive satellite default options could be yours.

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Get an exclusive space in the default installation package.
Increase your traffic through direct links from anywhere on the desktop PC and be ahead of your competition by dozens of clicks. Make potential customers aware of your company and services.
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